Voice & Branding

Voice & Branding

If you find that you’re struggling as a business to find your message, and convey that message to your target audience, finding your brand’s “voice” is the solution! When working with us on creating your voice, we sit down and map out what your business does, who it helps (or who you want it to help), and what makes you unique from your competitors. After deciding all of that, we discuss what adjectives you think best describe your business. The next step is to decide what emotions your customers want to feel when they read your marketing materials.

This is just so important. Good marketing is about the feeling people get from you, your product, your services, and the information you provide your customers. If they feel comfortable, safe, understood, heard, listened to, etc., they’re more likely to want to work with you.

After deciding what emotions we want your customers to feel, we’ll write up a few adjectives that convey those emotions. These adjectives become your VOICE. Lastly, we decide how you actually use those adjectives across all of your marketing materials. It’s a fun, eye-opening marketing tactic that helps you create content with a consistent message so that you can truly find and work with your dream clients!

We can also help you with basic branding services, such as deciding on the best colors to use for all of your marketing materials, the best fonts, the best types of photos, etc. We can also help you create a logo you’ll love that you can’t wait to share with the world! If you already have all of these elements, and just need to ensure that they’re used consistently on your website, we would be happy to be a part of your website journey, too!

Why you need to find your brand’s VOICE:

Define your target audience

Create a clear vision of your message

Speak specifically to your ideal customer

Build the foundation for your branding

Maintain a specific message across marketing platforms

Standout from your competitors


    5 star review  Turns out that having Josh at JnM Creations manage my website was the single, best move I ever made! My site is smooth running, worry free and attracts visitors. If I ever have questions, they are answered immediately. Updates are always spot-on and a monthly maintenance report lets me see the status of my website through each month. My site responses have improved dramatically under JnM supervision. To say they are professionals that excell in website maintenance is putting it mildly. Communication is stellar, service superb and results paramount. I'm planning to rebuild my website from the ground up in the near future and Josh will certainly be at the helm. I trust JnM one hundred percent to do thorough, quality work, keep things running smoothly and keep me informed. They have always exceeded my expectations. If you're experiencing the frustration of iffy, sketchy website management....make the move to Josh & JnM, you won't regret it.Jim Zeigler Show Low, Arizona

    thumb James Zeigler
    November 3, 2021

    5 star review  Megan and Josh were such a pleasure to work with! They were very on top of things and communicated clearly to me what exactly they were doing. They were quick to respond to messages and I always felt I was a top priority. The site also turned out beautifully and just how I pictured it! I'd definitely recommend them and their services!

    thumb Kari Kinsey
    June 11, 2019

    5 star review  Being a website designer it is always a great asset to find someone that knows more than you do lol. I can't say enough about how helpful Josh has been when I have been stuck on something. He even suped up my own website!!! I highly recommend him for your website needs, from one developer to another.

    thumb Tanya West
    August 29, 2019

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