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When you create a website with us, we offer everyone the option to purchase a maintenance plan with us. We do think it’s a really important piece of your website journey! In all realness, if you’re pretty internet-savvy, and have the time and interest in making changes to your own website after receiving training, then you may not need the maintenance, and that’s okay too!

For those who want a less hands-on approach, here are some of the things we’ll do for you if you decide to have maintenance plan with us:

  • Up to one hour of editing, revising, or creating new content on existing pages
  • WordPress, theme and plugin updates
  • Monthly malware check
  • Bug fixes, determined on case-by-case basis
  • Full back-up of website monthly
  • Monthly report on all of the above

All of these tasks are very important to your website for many reasons. You want to edit, revise, create blogs, hyperlink new things to existing pages, etc. because those things are all effective for SEO.

It’s really important to keep WordPress, your theme and your plugins updated as they run most efficiently and quickly when they’re ran at their newest version. The somewhat tricky part about updating these things, though, is they can also cause issues. Sometimes plugin updates aren’t compatible with an older versions of another plugin, and that can sometimes wreak havoc on the look of your website. Each time we update anything on your website, as part of this agreement, we check to ensure the website is still functioning properly.

Malware checks are integral to keeping your website safe from being hacked. You really don’t want your website to get hacked because it takes a lot of work to get it working properly again after that. Keeping plugins and security settings updated, as well as running the malware checks will combat any potential hackers.

Website bugs can happen! When plugins decide not to work well together, or one just stops working for whatever reason, we can step in, take a look at what’s going on, and work on finding a solution. There are some cases where this may incur an additional fee depending on the bug, but we’ll always communicate that clearly to you up front after we’ve done some investigative work.

Backups are ideal simply because if there is a bug, hack issue, or simply, you made some changes to the site that you didn’t like and can’t undo, we can restore your website to its most recent backup, and it’ll look just the way it did on that date.

Perks of having a maintenance plan with us:

Exceptional customer service every time you reach out to us with an issue

Quick turn-around on requested changes

We do all the work, so you don’t have to

Your site will stay safe from hackers

Your site will stay updated

We keep you in the loop each month so you know what’s going on with your website

You’ll always have a backup of your website in the unlikely case something goes awry

Why host your website with us:

Exceptional customer service

Free SSL Certificates

We’ll work directly with the hosting company if necessary so you don’t have to

We know all the jargon associated with hosting and servers so you don’t need to

Competitive rates


We have our own Virtual Private Server, so that we can host your website and only the other websites who purchase hosting with us. With many other hosting services, it’s a shared server, so your website sits on a server with many other websites that many other people control. In this situation, your site speed can decrease because you’re sharing little space with a lot of people. With us, your website is only hosted with the businesses we work with meaning we know each and every business who sits on our server while having fewer sites on the server.

One of the important things to rank your site in Google is to have a page that loads quickly and that is why our hosting is on a litespeed server instead of a slower apache server.  A litespeed server works very well with divi wordpress sites as we use a speed plugin especially made for this type of server and it produces quick sites that rarely have conflicts with sites which is a huge problem with speed plugins.

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service possible. When you host with us, we’ll always be your go-to for any issues you’re experiencing, and then we’ll do all the legwork for you to remedy the situation. Our fees are also very reasonable because we know not everyone wants to pay a ton for hosting when they’re already paying to get their website created in the first place.

Though we do recommend email hosting separately from the website hosting we do offer limited email accounts in our hosting plans. Some of the other companies we would recommend for emails are Office 365 or Gsuite.


  • I decided to use Divi to redesign my website myself and ran into several glitches. So, I reached out to Josh for his expertise on Divi, WordPress, and all the techy stuff I didn't know. He is dependable, fixes my issues, and is very easy to work with. I just sent a friend to him to help her with her website issues and he fixed them in no time.

    Vickie Champion Avatar Vickie Champion
    November 6, 2022

    I am so pleased with the site Josh and Megan created for my business! I interviewed several web companies before deciding to go with them and I knew early on, I made the right choice! They did a great job of setting expectations about my role in the beginning and letting me know what was needed along the way. They were sensitive to the deadlines we set, and were very responsive to my questions. It was a great, collaborative process and the two of them together have a great set of complementary skills. Megan helped me with my voice and brand, providing great content and marketing suggestions and Josh’s design and technical skills are top notch! I received the full range of support I needed. They are a super professional team and I highly recommend JnM Web Creations! Diane Verkest, Certified Coach/Owner JD Verkest Coaching and Consulting, LLC Freedom Centric Coaching

    JD Verkest Coaching Avatar JD Verkest Coaching
    August 4, 2019

    Megan and Josh were such a pleasure to work with! They were very on top of things and communicated clearly to me what exactly they were doing. They were quick to respond to messages and I always felt I was a top priority. The site also turned out beautifully and just how I pictured it! I'd definitely recommend them and their services!

    Kari Kinsey Avatar Kari Kinsey
    June 11, 2019
  • Turns out that having Josh at JnM Creations manage my website was the single, best move I ever made! My site is smooth running, worry free and attracts visitors. If I ever have questions, they are answered immediately. Updates are always spot-on and a monthly maintenance report lets me see the status of my website through each month. My site responses have improved dramatically under JnM supervision. To say they are professionals that excell in website maintenance is putting it mildly. Communication is stellar, service superb and results paramount. I'm planning to rebuild my website from the ground up in the near future and Josh will certainly be at the helm. I trust JnM one hundred percent to do thorough, quality work, keep things running smoothly and keep me informed. They have always exceeded my expectations. If you're experiencing the frustration of iffy, sketchy website management....make the move to Josh & JnM, you won't regret it. Jim Zeigler Show Low, Arizona

    James Zeigler Avatar James Zeigler
    November 4, 2021

    Josh is an amazing designer and person! When I came to him for help with some web-design snags I was having, he not only was able to easily resolve those issues but also went further by optimizing my sites SEO, my email system, and overall business operations! After obtaining my permission, he went above and beyond in helping my startup soar. I now recommend JnM Web Creations to everyone! It's truly a one-stop-shop.

    derek dunphy Avatar derek dunphy
    November 4, 2022

    Josh certainly knows his stuff! He really listened to what I wanted for a redesign on my website. He educated me on how it’s done, what is needed, basically made me feel completely comfortable with this huge project. Josh communicates well, does what he says and is asked and truly is a professional.

    Tamara Misle Avatar Tamara Misle
    September 7, 2022
  • Excellent customer service & care. Detail oriented, thorough & patient. So glad I was referred to JnM by a colleague!

    Scott Mcclelland Avatar Scott Mcclelland
    December 4, 2021

    Josh is the BEST! He goes out of his way to make your web site just the way you want it. Thanks Josh

    Andrew Laswell Avatar Andrew Laswell
    September 7, 2022

    Josh has been a delight to work with! In the past 4 years I've overseen 3 websites as a project manager that he built, and the quality of his work is outstanding. He has deep knowledge of everything website related, from hosting through the architecture of any simple to complex/ecommerce website to fine tuning design details. I have full trust in his capabilities and I enjoy his thoroughness in researching the best solutions as well as explaining them. I highly recommend him and his company!

    Zsoka Scurtescu Avatar Zsoka Scurtescu
    May 4, 2022
  • Being a website designer it is always a great asset to find someone that knows more than you do lol. I can't say enough about how helpful Josh has been when I have been stuck on something. He even suped up my own website!!! I highly recommend him for your website needs, from one developer to another.

    Tanya West Avatar Tanya West
    August 29, 2019

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