Why Divi Web Design?

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Why we use divi for web design:

Visual Page Builder all-in-one Theme

Updated quite often with security updates and great new features

A great community of users behind it

It is a responsive theme

The Elegant Themes company offer great support and documentation

As web designers we believe that making websites as easy, useful and flexible is in the best interest of our clients. To make things easy, our web design agency uses a CMS (content management system) called WordPress. WordPress is used on 34% of all websites, and is the choice for anyone who wants a CMS-based site as it has 60% of the market share. The next closest competitor has 5.2%. What makes a WordPress website so great is the flexibility it allows while also being able to accomplish most project requirements and allows for beautiful website design. It also has a dashboard to easily make changes to the site, making it very user-friendly to you as the site owner.

One thing WordPress requires for every site you create is a theme. A theme is what gives the websites its look and some of the functionality. We specialize in the Divi theme as we believe it is the easiest to use for website design while bringing great functionality. Divi is the flagship theme of the Elegant Themes company and has the highest market share of any WordPress theme. Though we specialize in the Divi website builder, if you have a site that uses a different theme, we can often help with any changes or maintenance that needs to be done. If you are wanting a new website or a website redesign, and have a different theme in mind, that may be possible as well though our first choice is the Divi.

Here are the top reasons we use this WordPress theme for web design:

Divi is a visual page builder all-in-one theme.

Many times, our clients want a content change while keeping the look of the page. This is where Divi shines. As a visual page builder, Divi allows you to see the look of the page as you are building it. What you see as you are building the page with the divi builder is what the site visitor will see (in most cases). Not only is this easier for the web page designer to build and see what the page will actually look like, this also makes it easy for the client to be able to go into the site and make content changes while keeping the layout of pages.

If you have used other page builders like Wix or Squarespace, you will know a page builder is great. However, you may have found them to be very limited in the customization of the website. The great thing about Divi web design is that even though it is a page builder, it has great flexibility that allows for custom coded design solutions as well. With the Divi theme builder you can also make super fast changes to headers, footers, and page templates to be able to get a look just like you want.

Woocommerce is also a very popular WordPress e-commerce solution and this theme integrates very well with it. It can be quite easy to build a storefront that stays consistent with the rest of your divi website design.

Divi is updated quite often with security updates and great new features.

Divi Website Update

Divi has the largest theme market share meaning the company has lots of resources to make changes and fixes. They release major updates often bringing new features, new speed tweaks or security updates. These new features mean that we as designers can make better, more user-friendly and eye catching sites. In addition to these large updates, there may be more than two updates a week to fix any issues within Divi or how it integrates and meshes with other WordPress plugins or custom code. Our maintenance plan includes divi theme updates. Website design is an every changing industry that as web designers we must keep up with and this theme allows us to do that.

We look forward to these updates and regularly check the status of new changes as we love to be able to create new things, change with the tide of web design, and make better sites for our clients. Because it is built so well there are many times you don’t even need to use a child theme meaning your CSS and script changes are not overwritten.

Divi has a great community of users behind it.

Divi Web Design

This may not sound like a big thing, but this serves three major purposes that benefit our clients and as a divi web designer it is quite helpful.

First, it means that divi isn’t going anywhere and that the company behind Divi (Elegant Themes) will continue to update the theme with security and other great features. This means you can keep your site instead of rebuilding it after an extended period of time. With the constantly upgraded features it will be easier to upgrade your site while keeping safe and secure.

Second, there are great, easy to find resources(many which are free), examples of divi websites, and blog posts about your the related issue or question you may have.

Third, there are tons of addons, divi child themes, divi web design layouts and plugins to increase its usability. Some of these plugins add speed options, ecommerce options, styling options and much much more. There may be some extra charge to some of these plugins, but they are often quite reasonable. It gives you the freedom and ability to add some different functionality to your site in the future even if you are not maintaining, hosting or making any further changes with our web design agency.

Divi is a responsive theme and has some seo tools built in.

Divi Web Design for Mobile

In this day and age of web design having a responsive site really is mandatory. If you don’t have a responsive site that shows well on a phone and tablet, your Google rankings will suffer. In addition, many of your website viewers will be frustrated with the usability of your site. The great thing about using Divi is that it is extremely responsive and usually only needs small tweaks between device sizes to make your website look great across various screen sizes. By default, Divi stacks images and content to make a great looking site on mobile size screens. It also makes changing content and styling easy with different sized devices. This means you as a customer will have a professional, modern-looking site that will look great across many screen sizes.

Though we always use an seo plugin on top of the Divi theme, it has some seo features built in that can help rank your site in google. In the Divi theme you can easily tag images so google can understand your images. The Divi theme was also built with correct site structure in mind to make sure you don’t get docked by Google for issues that are out of your control. For search engine optimization it also has some specific settings for site speed and SEO. Then when you use an seo plugin like Rank Math to supercharge your site Flagstaff SEO it can really rank well.

Divi and the Elegant Themes company offer great support and documentation.

Elegant Themes has a chat box on their site that allows for questions, support and troubleshooting. The support team usually answers back within a couple hours and most of the time can figure out the problem, bug or issue experiencing. If they can’t figure it out at that moment they will submit a bug fix request for a future update. The Divi theme also has some great support features built in that easily allow Elegant Themes’ employees to login to your site (if you have given them access) It also has some other great troubleshooting features if your site has an issue.

Elegant themes also has great documentation for the theme to explain all of its features. Each module (which there are a lot to choose from) of the Divi builder has documentation specific to it. Their blog page is top notch with many step-by-step how-to videos and posts to teach you new techniques to making a beautifully designed site.

We love the Divi theme and hope you see the value it can bring to your business and website. For us as website designers, and for you as the website owner, we believe Divi is the easiest, most flexible and feature-rich visual builder theme on the market. At the end of each website build we always do a training session to show you how to use your new site, and how to change content and images quickly. We hope this will set your mind at ease knowing that not everything has to be coded by hand. You can have a site that’s easily c

If you are in the market for a site please schedule a 1 on 1 consultation with us we specialize in website redesign or brand new sites built with Divi. We also provide hosting and maintenance, to keep your site secure and updated, as well as branding and content creation if you need help identifying your market, finding your brand’s voice or getting started with what needs to go on your site. If you think you would rather try tackling everything yourself and want to use Divi check out the Elegant Themes site to get your copy of the Divi Theme to get you started.

What this doesn’t mean.

While we do consider ourselves primarily a Divi web design agency and use it for our design process and to build websites this does not mean we don’t have experience with other builders like Elementor, Avada or Wp Bakery. Though we often don’t build with these as we love Divi we can usually work on your site or even build a site with other builders.


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