5 Tips For Promoting Your New Website On Instagram

5 Tips For Promoting Your New Website On Instagram

January 2, 2020

Promoting your new website on Instagram is a perfect solution in this day and age.  Instagram is big (and getting bigger), and has a wonderful variety of unique creative features to help you reach and engage your target audience.

Read on to learn five useful tips for promoting your new website on Instagram in 2020.

Consider paying for an Instagram ad strategy

The great thing about Instagram is that it lets you create an organic marketing strategy without needing to spend a single penny. However, if you can afford to pay for ads, then it’s something well worth looking into.

Paid ads on Instagram let you show your ads to specific target audiences, based on a variety of factors, such as age or location. This lets you go after demographics who are most likely to be interested in your website and its niche.

Like everything else on Instagram, there is no shortage of creative ways you can customize your ads. Basic images are a good start, but carousels and videos also let you reach your target customer in a variety of creative ways.

What really sets Instagram paid ads apart is that you can track the efficacy of each ad: who it reaches, how well it performs, and so on. This lets you improve your ad strategy by knowing what elements succeed and what doesn’t, letting you get the most from your ad budget as a result.

Spend some time finding the right, relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an absolute must when it comes to promoting your new website on Instagram. They are what connect every piece of content on the platform together, so it’s something worth spending time on.

Find those hashtags that are relevant to your business’s industry with a hashtag research tool. There are lots of paid versions available, but it’s worth trying a free option first if you’re just starting out. Simply enter the keywords related to your business and you will find a list of hashtags relevant to your business.

The trick to using hashtags is to use a blend of both general hashtags and specific ones. As an example, let’s say you’re a heating company that sells or repairs boilers, you might use #heating as a general hashtag, and #boilerrepairtips as a specific one.

This helps push a variety of different people towards your Instagram posts, and in turn, towards your website as well.

Create an offline event for online buzz

One of the best ways to raise awareness of a new business website is with an offline event, and this strategy goes hand-in-hand with your Instagram too.

Temporary pop-up shops are perfect for a website launch (or, indeed, relaunch). It brings your brand into the real world, letting you speak to prospective customers in person and giving your promotional strategy an extra boost.

You could even monetize your event, offering products or services there and then. As with your content, you don’t need to break the bank for an offline event either. Simple point-of-sale devices are fast-becoming ubiquitous and are affordable enough for even the smallest enterprise to take advantage of.

Instagram comes into play in this scenario by letting you promote your offline event through live content such as Stories or IGTV. Creating buzz for your website offline turns into online buzz in the same stroke. It also gives you an opportunity to take some high-quality photos for your Instagram and your website into the bargain.

Strive for strong aesthetics that are relevant to your niche

When it comes to turning Instagram traffic into website traffic, the visuals you use need to be high-quality. Instagram is all about aesthetically-pleasing content, so you need to make sure yours blends in just as well. If your content is good, then it follows that your website is good too.

You don’t need high-tech equipment or a big budget to achieve high-quality visual content either. Most smart mobile devices have decent cameras, and many have surprisingly comprehensive editing suites too. This lets you craft attractive content that looks good and feels professional.

Now it’s time to create your content. Naturally, it should be relevant to your website’s specific niche. But don’t neglect your target audience. Consider the kind of content that would resonate with them. Highlight their interests, pain points, and so on, and then craft visual content that appeals to it.

Continuing our boiler example from earlier, you could include short clips explaining simple boiler fixes, educating customers on keeping their boiler in good working order.

Include a strong call-to-action (CTA) that directs your followers to your new website. The best way to do this is to guide people towards the website link in your profile bio.

Create a strong account profile

While your Instagram content is important, your profile itself is just as crucial. It’s what people first see when they visit your feed, so it’s worth making it look and feel professional.

Start by ensuring your profile includes your new website’s address in the provided field. You’ll be guiding people here in your captions, so make sure this field is completed.

Next, use a good-quality logo for your profile image. Make sure the same logo is displayed across all your social platforms. This builds cohesive branding that is instantly recognizable for your audience.

Finally, write your bio. Make clear exactly what it is you do, what services you offer, where you’re located (if relevant), and other useful information. Keep it concise and to-the-point to make the most of the bio characters available to you.

Recap of the 5 Tips for Promoting Your New Website on Instagram:

  1. Consider paying for an Instagram ad strategy
  2. Find the right, relevant hashtags for your business
  3. Create an offline event for online buzz
  4. Strive for strong visuals relevant to your niche
  5. Create a strong account profile

The tips listed here should give you a solid grounding in your website promotional strategy. Follow the tips above and drive new traffic to your website well into 2020 and beyond.

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