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Do You Want the Best Deals on Business Software? Check Out Appsumo

June 30, 2022

What is Appsumo?

Appsumo started in 2010 as a marketplace for new and upcoming business tools at amazing deals.  When the tools are brought onto the marketplace they were at amazingly reduced prices from the normal costs of these products.  Only a few years ago there was only about 1-2 services listed per week, but now it seems there are more than one new product every day. Most of these are what would be considered SAAS (Software as a Service) products and can be extremely helpful for entrepeneurs and business owners, especially those who are just starting out.

What type of services and products are on Appsumo?

First of all almost all of the products are lifetime or one time payment type products (every now and then something will be only a year). If you look at their product types you will see that they have software, courses, templates and creative assets.  Many of these products can replace a service you may pay a monthly fee for and are great when getting a business started. Even though Appsumo only has 4 product types they have a ton of categories within those.  Some of the best categories I have found are things like accounting, client management, social media, stock photos, video, wordpress, web development, seo, project management and marketing.  So if you are a restaurant but you are looking for something to post your social media posts to all your social media accounts they probably have something.  Are you looking for stock photos and video or maybe a way to screen record or send how to videos to clients? Appsumo probably has something your company can if you are trying to streamline processes with technology.  Do you have something like Canva that you pay for every month?  They may have a service to replace it and instead of paying $15-20 per month you may only pay $50-100 for lifetime use. Many times you can also buy more than one code of the same product and it allows for more features, or storage or users.

My favorite products

Here are a few of the products I have gotten from Appsumo that are great deals.

Glorify – This is a service that really can replace Canva. It is a graphics and photo editing software that works nearly the same as Canva and allows for things like taking backgrounds out of images and many other things. $97 Lifetime

Ranktracker – This is an SEO Product that allows me to see rankings of my site on google and many other great SEO tools. $49 Lifetime

Screpy – This is another great SEO tool that allows me to run an SEO audit on websites to see if there are simple things to change and get better SEO ranks. $49 Lifetime

BerryCast – This is a screen capture product that has replaced loom for me and allowed me to record my screen and tutorials for customers.  $129 Lifetime

Here are probably my four favorite products from Appsumo that I use almost daily.

SocialBee – This is one of my favorite tools that allows me to send one social media post to all my social media accounts and to schedule them easily with variations and many other things. $49 Lifetime

Icedrive – This was a massive steal.  It is essentially a 1 TB cloud hard drive say something like Google Drive.  The amazing part though is that it can hook straight to my computer like I have another hard drive. So things are stored remotely on the cloud, I can get them from anywhere and I can use them just like using any other hard drive on my computer. $98 Lifetime

ShortPixel – This is a WordPress plugin that allows me to compress all the images on a site which can drastically speed up a site.  It is amazingly handy and I have used it on many projects that the customer complains that their site is slow.  I got the very upgraded version on Appsumo so it was $117 Lifetime.

ZeroWork –  This is one of my absolute favorites so far. It allows me to automate so many things from social media to creating content automatically with ChatGPT. The sky is the limit with this one. I even started another company to sell my automations called Automators Anonymous! $189 Lifetime.

Risks of Using Appsumo

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t explain some of the risks of using Appsumo.  There is nothing wrong with the site and there is nothing sketchy about using it, but you must remember that many (not all) of these companies are quite new and some may be startups though I have gotten some products from companies that have a great track record and over 10 years old. With this being said there can be a couple problems with the Appsumo model.  Some of these new companies will go out of business in a year or two and really you can just take it as a loss.  Out of all the products I have bought this is probably only 5% of them.  The second issue is that these lifetime licenses you are getting may be for a specific subscription tier that they make up and it may not include new features so really read the offer and the review.  Along with this do not just assume that you will be getting a certain subscription that is on the company website it may have less or more than what they normally offer.  So again really read the deal and the reviews.  Another issue is that the companies may not go out of business but they may not update or fix any bug in their software after a period of time.  The last issue is that many of these products are very new so they may have some bugs and may not have all the features you want until later updates.  Sometimes it is worth buying a product you would need but not at that specific time and see in 6 months if it has the features and any bug fixes that the developer said they would do in the offer.  Most of the developers and companies are extremely responsive and are great at making changes and adding features.


With all this being said my experience with Appsumo has been fantastic.  Even with the few products that fizzled out or the company went belly up I have gotten so many great products that have saved me tons of money and time in my business.  Take a look at Appsumo and see if there is anything you need.  Any links are affiliate links though I use this company and believe in them.

Check Out Appsumo

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