Divi Fullscreen Elegant Menu

Freebie!! Divi Fullscreen Elegant Menu Header!

December 10, 2019

If you haven’t gotten our previous freebie Divi Fullscreen Header for the new Divi 4.0 update and theme builder check it out now. This freebie builds on that header. This new freebie was something that was asked for by some members of the divi web designers facebook group (by the way that is a great group). So this works essentially the same as our Divi fullscreen header but just styles the fullscreen menu in a way that looks much more sleek and elegant.  Here is what the elegant menu looks like when the hamburger menu is pressed.

Divi Fullscreen Elegant Menu Header

To get this great freebie all you have to do is sign up to my list to get great updates about Divi and web design updates and more of these freebies and tutorials.  I would recommend watching the video above as it gives an overview of how to use these layouts and within the zip file for these layouts there is also a very short list of instructions how to get started with these.  I haven’t tried every module with these so there may be some conflicts.  If you find something that does not work correctly please let me know.

1.0 12/09/19 Original Release

Hope you enjoy the layout!


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